Hi Folks!!!!
My name is…..a mile long!!! :) It’s Gladys Geetha Gonsalves. You can call me GG!!! Welcome to my world of cooking!!!
Like many people, my role model has been my mother!!! She was a fantastic cook, and she loved to mix spices and voila..we had something new on the table!!!! Only problem was, I was never too keen on cooking at first. I always thought it was too tough!!! I was afraid to try something new…what if it got burnt!!! And then, a few of my friends ,from Malaysia, came home for one weekend. They told my mother to step aside, and within an hour, our lunch was ready!!!! I was shocked!!! I always saw my mother in the kitchen the whole day. And now to see my friends in and out of the kitchen in less than an hour was really really shocking and amazing!!!. And guess what??? We simply loved the food so much, that we hogged and hogged till we almost burst!!!! I was 19 years then!!! That’s when the cooking bug got into me!!!
Fast forward……today I see the same situation with my children and most young people!!! Times have changed alot and it’s a fast paced world we live in now!! They either think that cooking is a chore or it is very tough or it is time consuming!!! I’m just here to tell them that cooking can be fun and easy too!!!!! It can be relaxing too!!!
It came as a shock to me when I overheard a young kid, looking at the picture of a cake and commenting that she would like to stick a poster of that on her wall!!!! Since then, it’s been burning inside me, that I have to pass on some simple recipes to the young n busy ones around me!!! I have been toying with this idea for years now!!! If it will make you guys feel any better, my most trusted companion…my stress buster..is none other than my i-pod!!! I always need my music to get me going…sing n dance along n then cook my food with lots and lots of love and a whole lot of fun!!!
This blog contains recipes collected over the years…mostly from my mother..and then my friends and my relatives and different people I have met along the way!!! I have just chosen simple recipes, so that you all can cook without much fuss and still have time for fun!!!
Have fun cooking!!!!