Hey Guys,

Came across this on fb on my daughter’s page. Her friend had made a comment on Mallu food for non mallus. Hilarious n it packs a punch!!! Word reading!!! Laugh out loud friends…but very true. I have put it up on my fb page. Am putting it here, for those who miss it on fb.!! Happy reading guys!!

The Essential Mallu-Food Guide for Non-Mallus.

by Divya Nambiar on Monday, April 18, 2011 at 5:06pm

 “Do you have squid today?” I asked the waiter.

“No, we don’t have squid.”

“Damn! I was craving for some squid! Anyways, do you have prawns?”

“Yes. Prawns curry, prawns roast, chilli prawns.”

“Hmm.. ok. Then get me two velleappams and one prawns roast.”

I was at a mallu restaurant with a friend, to satisfy my mallu food craving. My friend, a non-mallu, decided to play safe and ordered a chicken biryani.

I was pigging out on the prawns roast with single-minded focus, when a couple came and occupied the adjacent table. Non-mallus, going by the hindi they were speaking. And also going by the amount of fuss they were creating over everything that was there on the menu. Why come to a Kerala food joint if you don’t like the cuisine, I thought to myself. They were dismissing anything and everything that the waiter was suggesting. For one, they didn’t have a clue about half the things on the menu, and were making the bewildered waiter describe what went into all those dishes. And on top of that, it didn’t look like they were seafood or beef-eating people, which, hello, is the whole point of going to a mallu place.

I lost interest in them somewhere in between and got back to my second plate of prawns roast. (Do not judge me, I haven’t been home in 6 months!)

“I’m sorry sir, we don’t have mushroom masala.” I overheard the waiter telling the couple. They still hadn’t ordered.

Err..Mushrooms?? In a Kerala restaurant??!! Umm..ok. Whatever suits them.

Wait wait. The best is yet to come. The guy goes through the menu and asks “How about chicken biryani?”

“Ya! We’ll have that.” The girl is finally interested.

“But wait. Usme tho poora coconut coconut hoga.” (There’ll be coconut coconut in it, whatever that means)

“Oh! Nahi nahi, mujhe coconut nahi pasand.” (No no, I don’t like coconut.)

I was speechless. This was the height of ignorance about mallu food!!! Coconut in chicken biryani, for god’s sake??!!

So here’s a little food guide for all you non-Mallu’s. It’s time you got rid of certain misconceptions about our cuisine, and also were aware of certain things.

1)Yes, we come from the land of coconuts. Yes, we love coconuts. Yes, sometimes we love them enough to make babies with them. But that does NOT mean that we put coconut in each and every thing! And definitely not in Biryani!

2)I really don’t think you should order edible fungi in a Mallu restaurant. The fungi might be edible, but the dish might not be.

3)Yes yes, we luuurve banana chips. But that does not maketh a meal.

4)We do love our coconuts and our banana chips, but we do eat other stuff too, you know. If one more person goes “Ohhh!! Kerala Kutti! Coconut oil and banana chips!” with the all-knowing glee in their eye, I swear I shall not hesitate to break said coconut on their head.

5)We use coconut oil on our hair, and we use the same coconut oil for cooking. If you have a problem, eat bread and jam while you’re vacationing in Kerala. There’s no coconut oil in that.

6)And while we’re on that, if you’re planning to visit Kerala, be willing to taste our cuisine. Don’t expect to find the food of your land here. We Keralites are accommodative and gracious hosts, but if we hear you complaining about our food, you might just find an empty pot of toddy upturned on your silly snooty head.

7)We loooove cows. Go figure.

8)If you’re planning to start a hotel in Kerala, and you dish out Continental and Chinese fare, you may or may not strike gold. But start a porotta-beef thattukada (wayside eatery), you’ll be a millionaire overnight.

9)If you want to eat the best food in Kerala, eat from a thattukada*. If you pass it off thinking it’s unhygienic, then you really don’t know what you missed.

10)If you can’t take spicy food, either go on a liquid diet or come prepared to spend ample time in the loo. We are not known as the Land of Spices for nothing.

11)We eat bananas, we fry bananas, we make sweets out of them, we make curry out of them, we eat out of a banana leaf, and when the need arises, we may even use the banana peel to take revenge on somebody. You’ll just have to learn to accept it.

12)When we see fish, we lose all self- control. You’ll have to accept that as well.

13)Mallu children might grow up reciting the different names of fish that we get here rather than A B C D. Yes, we are proud of our coast and the bounty it brings.

14)Mallus are very adaptable to other cuisines. We will try anything once. If we don’t like it, we will still eat it. And then go crib about it to our ‘country’men over a pot of toddy and some fish fry.

15)We eat rice. A lot of it.

16)A bowl of kanji (rice gruel) with coconut chutney and a papad equals one satisfied Malayali.

17)‘Avial’ is not just a rock-band. It’s a delectable dish that every Keralite is proud of.

18)If you visit a Mallu house and are served Jackfruit chips, and half an hour later at lunch, find jackfruit in your curry as well, along with jackfruit sabji, do not be alarmed. The jackfruit kheer is on the way.

19)Same is the case with tapioca. We believe in maximum utilization of our resources, as you may have figured out by now.

20)We worship the sea-goddess. In every sense.

21)No matter how busy the mornings are in a household, we still take time out to prepare and eat puttu-kadala or appam-egg curry or idiyappam-stew for breakfast. We believe in starting the day royally.

So, there you go. I’m not sure if this has helped in making you any wiser about Kerala cuisine, but it sure has made me crave for some good home-made mallu food. Dammit!!



Hey All!!!

How r u guys??? Not thinking too much of food , this Holy Week!!! Will make up for it on Easter I guess!!! :)

It’s raining here in Bangalore….with thunder n lightning!! Really beautiful to see!!!! Very windy…the best part!!! The weather has cooled down n it feels really good here!!!

Saw a movie called UNKNOWN!!!  Ok!!! U can see it just once!!!

More on food after Easter. have a nice time friends!!!




Hi Guys,

Long break again huh??? So many things happening all at once. Hard to keep track of everything. 1st the computer decides to give me hell!!! Only now tht has been sorted out. Until now I managed with an old laptop tht wld drive me nuts!!!

Thn my young friend Sudipto Roy pays me a visit, n cooks me a sumptuous meal!!! Loved it. All Bengali preparations…which I have put up in this blog already!!! Just to re introduce Sudipto to u guys, he is the young guy, who along with my daughter Cindy, got me into this blog. They started it all for me!!! He is a very good cook, and has his own blog. Please chk www.cookwithsudi.wordpress.com. U will find a couple of mouth watering recipes there.

And then I visited Hyderabad, n fell in love with tht place!!! The place is warm n the ppl are warm hearted. Wht more do u want!! Enjoyed my weekend there alot!!!

So, now its recipe time!!! See y’all in the other pages!!! :P

Happy cooking guys!!!



Hi Friends!!!

Have stopped travelling for now. Stopped in Bangalore. Staying with my daughter, n kinda freaking out abit!! Have to make the best use of the time in my hands…don’t u agree!! :P

So, will be trying out the new recipes I picked up along the way!! A simple sambar has so many different versions…from city to city…y even town to town!! And each type is so tasty….I had to be careful tht I dont put on weight!! Really yummy food!!!

Saw the movie Black Swan…..too dark a story for my taste!!! But I liked the pop corn n the cappuccino I got later!!! hahaha!!

Anyway, hope it rains more….it just drizzled the last couple of days!!! Bye all. Take  care




Hey All!!!

Am back!!! My vacation is not actually over. But I have stopped moving for now. Stationed in Bangalore for sometime now, and I have internet access…so here I am again.

Collected a whole lotta recipes, esp south Indian ones and am very very eager to share them with u all!!! Started off with a bang today. More to come soon!! I really enjoyed raiding other ppl’s kitchen!! Thankfully, they were all gud friends…so I had no probs!!!

So, how have u guys been???

Take care,




Hey All!!!

Still on vacation. Tried my best to put up recipes!!! Net problems here. Sorry abt tht guys!!! Hopefully, things will change soon.

Yesterday I went to a place called Bharananganam. Took me a couple of days to get tht name right!!! hahaha!!! It’s where St.Alphonsa’s Church n tomb is. I was quite impressed whn I saw how clean the church n it’s surroundings were!!! Huge church….. tht one is!!! Loved this trip!!! Not the 7 hrs drive to this place!!!

Have picked up quite a few local recipes. Will put them up soon. As soon as the internet behaves n lets me put up pics!!! It’s so slow now tht the moment I click on the pics, the whole thing freezes!!!:(

No probs. Just a few moe days n I will be back with more recipes…back with a bang..tht’s for sure.

Until thn take care n smile plssss! :)




Visited my dad a couple of days ago. My sister in law Mable is a wonderful cook. Got the beef fry recipe from her and put it up on the blog!!! Enjoyed her food…..fried fish n fish curry n beetroot thoran n rasam n papad!!!! Cld’nt eat all of them. So, just tasted them!!!!

Yesterday dinner was with another sister in law Geetha Antony!!! Will be put her recipes up soon. Another fantastic cook. She made Chicken 65 and Fried Mussel!!!!

Am enjoying tasting other people’s food!! Different from the way I cook and very interesting!

Anyway, have a nice day friends!! :)




Hi All!!!

Still on vacation!! Am in a place called Nagercoil, in kanyakumari district!!!! Enjoying my stay here. It rained a couple of days, n now the weather is lovely. Enjoying vadavs n samosas n ofcourse chaaaaiiii!!! :)

Will be ptting up more recipes soon. I love watching ppl cook different cuisines here. From thorans to theeyals to avilas etc etc…yummy!!! The different types of vadas….mouth watering.

Now am eating paruppu vada ( vada made with chana dal). :D!!!

So, how are u guys?? Take care




Hi Again!!!

Am in Chennai now. Enjoying the stay. Will be visiting friends tomorrow. Tht sure will be fun, coz one of them I am gonna meet after 30 yrs!!!!  And its been more than 35 yrs since I last came to Chennai. It was thn called Madras!! Everything changes huh??

Eating crispy fried vegetables n chicken pepper fry as I write this!!! Yummy!!!

So, how r u guys????




HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY to u all!!!! Hope u ppl r having fun!!! I sure am!!!:)

Am on my way to Chennai now. Was in Pondycherry for 3 days, thn in Vailankanni for 2 days!!! Wedding Season…so having loads of fun n lots of exotic food!!!

Now it will be 3 days in Chennai before my next move!!! Enjoying the drive now. Going at 120 on a highway in India is not something I thought wld happen. Well….experiencing it now, n enjoying it a lot.

So, wht’s happening with u guys? Take care n stay safe!!




So, finally , my suitcase is down. Now to the boring part…packing!! My shopping is not done yet!!! Funny thing is…I hate shopping. And I am shocked tht I actually did shop this time, n its not done yet!!! :(

The sandstorm is over, we had rains for a couple of days, n suddenly its very cold all over again!! Like, winter has just begun!!! Finally, our sweaters n jackets n shawls r out!!!!

Now’s the time to be drinking lots n lots of coffee n tea!!!! OOOOhhhh…masala chai shd be fab!!! Maybe I’ll just go have tht one!!!

So, how have u folks been????




1st of Feb…..wasn’t the New Year just a few days ago???? Unbelievable!!! We r already into the 2nd month of 2011!!!!

So, my sister and her husband are here, and we sure are a noisy bunch!! God Save our neighbours!!!! ;P It’s been shopping n dosas n more shopping n more dosas!!! Given a choice between a visit to the Burj Khalifa n dosa, my sister chose dosa!!!! Can u believe tht?????? hahaha!!! She will be leaving tomorrow, n thn my shopping continues..n ofcourse the dreaded packing!!! :(

Anyways, have fun guys n stay safe!!




My sister and her husband will be coming home this weekend!!! This is going to be fun!! She made a list of stuff she wanted…and it goes..dosa..dosa…dosa…dosa…sambar and chutney. And…fried fish and fish curry!!! Happens all the time whn she comes home. She misses Indian food so much, tht I cook her favourite stuff whnever she visits. And thn…she goes back to Germany and complains I am the reason for her weight gain..;P!!!!! Thts a really funny sister I have!! hahaha

so…off I go to start my shopping n preparation for her arrival!!!!

Cheers!!! :)



At the moment travel is the only word I can think of!!!!!! Leaving in 2 weeks, n nothing is moving!!! Happens all the time!!! So, am just having a hot tea n relaxing!!! No use pushing myself…am only getting slower!!!

Have decided to pick up a few recipes from the places tht I visit!!! Tht shd be fun!!!! Let’s see how much I can learn!!! I only hope the weather in India is gonna be kind to us!!!!

So..off to have my tea again!!!



Hey all!!

It’s raining here in Dubai….n for some reason I am always feeling sleepy!!! Today is a big day here…the shopping festival begins!!! We’re gonna have loads of firework n stuff in the evening. Donno if the rains will be merciful today!!! So, now, cooking in a hurry, so tht I can see the fireworks. I hope I don’t fall asleep b4 tht!!!

Until next time….

Cheersszzzzzzzzzzzzzzz :P


Hey all!!! How’s life??? Too many things happening all at once….tht I do not know if I am coming or going!!! Am planning a trip to India soon……for a wedding!!! Tht shd be fun!!! Will be gone for over a mth. :)

So, lots of planning…lots of shopping……and lots of everything!!!! All excited!!! My daughter will be thrilled…coz she has been after me for mths to go n stay with her!!!!

Anyways, am too excited to think normally. So, off I go now!!! Take care!!




In case u folks have not noticed, I have a group page on fb n I have some awesome members there. One such person I wld like to mention here is Ms.Vijayashree Vijay!!! Everyday, she puts up some fantastic quotes..some really funny and some thought provoking!!! Just to give u an example….yesterday’s quotes were… TIPS TO REDUCE WEIGHT….TURN UR HEAD LEFT AND THN TO THE RIGHT. REPEAT EXERCISE WHN OFFERED FOOD!!! I forwarded this to all my friends!!!

Thn there’s another one which I really liked and totally agree……I HAVE NO NEED FOR RELIGION. I HAVE A CONSCIENCE!!!!!! Way to go VIJI!!! I look forward to reading ur posts everyday!!!

I hope u guys too enjoyed these quotes.




Just got a mail from a dear friend reminding me to write the journal!!!! hahaha!!! So, my friend…here I am …at ur service!!! :)

Have been a wee bit busy since x’mas actually!!! once u hit a certain age, u have to consider the hospital ur best place to go!!! :(

So, I have been doing my rounds..the regular check ups and wht nots!!! Not at all pleasant!!! I just did an MRI and tht was freaky….to put it mildly!!!

Otherwise….my hubby’s away n I have decided to try out recipes tht he will not enjoy eating!!! He loves Indian food…and a lil of other food once in a while…n is not a big fan of sweets n desserts. I just LOVE FOOD!!!! So…am off to try out something different. My daughter is the guinea pig for now!!! :P

So, have fun friends.




More than a week into the New Year!!! The year has started off with no brakes I guess!!! :D

Yesterday was a fruitful day!! Made chicken masala rice with the usual raita n papad, for lunch!! Thn I thought I will make something interesting for my daughter, who will be back from holiday early in the morning!!! So it was egg custard n pasta bake!!! ;P I hope she doesnt faint whn she sees them!!! hahaha!!!

Anyone for coffee??




Hey All!!! So, how was New Year?? Can’t believe we r already 4 days old?? Time is flying so fast huh??

We watched the fireworks on Burj Khalifa on New Year’s day!! Was awesome!!! Thankfully, we cld see all tht from our balcony!!! I had a few friends stuck in traffic for more than 2 hrs after the fireworks!!!

So, now it’s back to cooking and experimenting in my kitchen!!!

Take care and enjoy ur new yr!!!




Hey All!!!

Can’t believe 2010 has come to an end!!! The year just flew by with no pause, commas etc!!! Thinking back..it has been one helluva ride!!! Some memorable, some to be brushed under the carpet..hahaha!!! For the most part, I enjoyed the ride. Hope 2011 will be better!!!





Just got a msg from my daughter tht her day feels empty whn I don’t write my journal!!! Thts a fantastic compliment!!! Thk U Cindy!!!! :D

Busy day today. Guests from India. Have to make something easy n fast!!! Yes my friends..even I have days whn my brain stops working!!! hahaha!!! Early morning chill I guess!!! ;P

So…have u folks taken a New Year’s Resolution Yet?? Does tht work??? Never did for me!!! So now I am gonna wish for the opposite. Lemme see if tht works!!! ;P




Hey All!!!

How was X’mas?? For me it was a very subdued thing!!! Gals were not home this time.  Makes a lot of difference whn they r home n r very noisy!!!! But a sweet friend decided to come home n stay with us. So, together we made PAELLA!!! It’s a spanish rice dish….but me ofcourse have to have the Indian flavour!!!! So, I made the spicy version of it, and the plates were wiped clean in no time!!! hahaha!!!

Will be putting tht recipe up soon!!!! Keep reading the blog!!!!




Hey friends!!!

Before I get caught up with friends n work….





Hi again friends!!!

Just wanted to let u all know tht today’s recipe – Ridge gourd with Chana dal, was sent in by my friend Anita Gidwani!! Thx Anita!!!

If u guys out there wanna share ur favourite recipes here too, pls do take a pic of it n send it to me with the recipes!!! I will put them up, with ur names too!! If taking pics is not possible, u still can send me the recipes!!! I will try them out, and if it is gud, I will put it up with ur names!!!

Hoping to hear from u guys!!!




December is a mth of fun and family and ofcourse fond memories. I remember as a kid, come December, and my mom wld chase us to church for confessions!! Tht is to tell our sins to the priest and get forgiveness!!! One such day, a cousin of mine was with us and she too was forced to go for confession!! Now we gals at home…my sisters n me…and this cousin were very good at playing with words and having fun ( a tradition tht I follow with my gals now!!!!) My cousin used to confess only in tamil. She was suppose to say “SAAMI, NAAN  PAAVIYAYIRUKKEN” ( Father, I have sinned!!!) Imagine our shock whn she said ” PAAVI  NAAN SAMIYAYIRUKKEN!!!” ( Sinner, I have become a priest!!!). Needless to say…she had to say some extra prayers as penance!!! hahaha!!! Those were the days!!!

Feeling nostalgic???? Some things we simply cannot forget…right??

Till next time…have a nice day!!




Hey all!!!

How r y’all doing??? Weekened in this end of the world. Usually it’s biriyani day. But today, none of my gals are home. So, I decided to try something else. Fish fried Rice!!! Loved it. Hogged as much as I cld possibly eat!!! Now will go for some tea!!

Tomorrow I will be going to my dear friend’s house for lunch!!! Long overdue!!! We just decided tht whenever possible,we will meet on Saturdays and experiment with some cooking. So, starting the experiment tomorrow!!! This is gonna be fun!! Am sooooo looking forward to tht!!! Sandra…here I come!! :D

Until next time…take care friends!!!




Today’s journal is for Mr.Sujith!!! He had asked me to put up Fish Molly recipe!!! I have done tht!!!! Just so u know, there a couple of other recipes for fish molly, which I will put up as soon as I can. I hope u enjoy this method!!! We love it alot!!! We r seafood lovers!!! So, I tend to experiment alot on seafood recipes!!!

Went out to the Oasis Mall!! Was gud…not too crowded, n tht’s wht my friend n I like!!! Loved the huge X’mas Tree they have put up!!! Lovely decorations!!!  Hopefully u all r decorating ur houses too!!!

Until next time…take care




Back from Abu Dhabi. It was a much needed getaway!!!

Today I have put up Kadumaanga pickle recipe….on demand. This can also be called Kanni maanga or baby mangoes or tender mangoes. A dear friend had asked me more than a mth back to add this recipe. Have been hunting high and low for these mangoes. Just cld’nt find them. It will be nice if anyone can help me out here!!! In the meantime, I have just put up the recipe, without the pics!!! My apologies!!!

So, how was ur weekend friends?? Anythig interesting?? We were invited for dinner at a friends place. Very nice. Next day, went out mall hopping with my friend. Tht was fun!!! Picked up a few things…but mostly window shopped!!! Came back to Dubai the 3rd day!!! Love it whn I go out shopping with a friend.

Anyway, take care friends




Hey all!!!

A long weekend ahead of me!!! Going to Abu Dhabi for 3 days!!! Hope to rest well n just chill out!!! Donno if I will be able to put up any recipes these 3 days!!! Will try tho’

Met an interesting person today…a Reiki Master!! Had a very nice chat n loved every minute of our time together!!! It’s really wonderful to meet such calm people!!!

Have a wonderful weekend and stay safe!!




Good day today!!! I have just posted my 100th recipe and am very very happy and proud of it!!! In just a lil over 2 mths!!! To make it special, I put up prawn biriyani…one of my favourites!!! Hope u all like it and hope to hear from u all abt the recipes and the blog!!

Take care




Had a fantastic time last nite.  We went for a b/day party of a 1 yr old gal!!! It was fun!! Small n cozy crowd!!! My friend came along with me and she is one person who can’t sit still whn the music is on!!! She danced the nite away and enjoyed alot!!! Food was fab!!! Loved the different variety of salads!!! Yummy!!! I loved the spicy fruits alot!!!

Today is Biriyani day here!! Fridays has to be biriyani day…or else my daughter goes into depression…her own words!!!! And its true. If I dont cook biriyani on friday,  my house looks so dull..like ppl at home r mourning the loss of something!!! Funny ppl we r!! :)

anyways, have fun guys!!




Hi Friends!!!

Happy National Day and Happy December!!! This is the month of Giving and Forgiving!!!! Somehow, come December, and everything suddenly looks bright and lovely!!!

My NO FUSS cooking is slowly catching up with my gals…and I am really happy abt tht!!! I told my daughter Jeanna tht I was making Chicken Pie for a friend!!! She wanted to have some too!! But since she stays so far away from home, she was not going to get any. So, she made her own recipe…NOODLE PIE!!!! And it turned out gud. She thn sent me her recipe and yes friends…I am gonna put it up in a day or so!!! She even sent me a recipe for Jeera Chicken…again her own!!! Glad to see the no fuss simple cooking catching up!!!

Hope to hear more such stories from all of u!!! Happy cooking friends!!




Pork is something tht my family love…..but I just hate it!!! The one person who actually got me interested in COOKING pork , is my dear friend Sandra!!! I used to cook the typical South Indian recipe and one day she just told me..it’s easy..just add a lil of this n a lil of tht and thn put soya sauce!!!! I tried it the way she told me, and voila….suddenly my family started praising me for fantastic pork recipes!!! All kudos shd actually go to Sandra. The funny thing here is…she told me how to make pork chops, n thn made it herself for a party….and it tasted totally different from how I made it!!! Same recipe….2 different tastes!!! hahaha!!! All said n done…thk u Sandra!!! A lil bit of this n a lil bit of tht did make me a better cook!!!! :D



Just back from IKEA!!! My shopping paradise!!! Went with my hubby, and had my “puss in boots” expression!!! Mission accomplished!! :D

Weekend was fun. Made a very simple prawn biriyani……something my mom was very good at!!! I just cut corners n made a quick one!!! And it was not bad!!! My daughter’s friend loved it!!!

After so many years, I have taken my baking dish out…dusted n cleaned!!! I had almost forgotten I had them!!! so, now my baking starts all over again. My daughter sure is gonna be in 7th heaven….she loves cakes!!! I just love to look at them!!! :(

Anyway, have fun y’all!!! See u whn I see u!!




Eversince I started this blog, I have some very “faithful friends”, who religiously ask me wht I plan to cook today or wht recipes I plan to put up today!!!! I told one of my friends tht I am gonna put up Dosa balls today!!! Her reply….oh yeah…u can always throw tht on ur hubby whn he bugs u!!! :P !!!!!! I do have some very creative and imaginative friends!!!! I just remembered a quote a very dear friend of mine had put up on FB….” Friends are siblings God forgot to give u”!!! Love tht quote!!

So, until next time




Have u experienced weird “accidents” in the kitchen?? Buying an Indian Mixie for the 1st time was an experience on it’s own!!! Boy r they strong and fast!!! I tried grinding masala for fish curry and the lid just flew off and I still have marks on my ceiling…to remind me of tht day!!! hahaha.

So, anyone of u thinking of buying an Indian mixie….be warned!!!

Until my next shopping…see u all




Went out visiting a couple of friends, yesterday evening!!! Long overdue visits!!! We live just 10 mins away from each other, n yet, find every excuse under the sun, not to visit each other!!! Really bad on my part!!! Atleast my friends have a genuine excuse…they r working women!!! Hopefully, I visit them more often from now on!!!

My lil one will be leaving in a couple of days…n she has some funny demands….like make pork in coke…done!! Now it’s..make mutton biriyani!! Will be making tht today!!! And thn she wants chicken pie!!! I have no problem making tht!! Just wondering how she is gonna find time to eat it…coz she has plans of visiting her friends too!!! So lil time now!!!

Anyway, chatted with a couple of “new friends” on the facebook group page!! It’s fun to get to know new ppl!!

Now off to meet another friend!! See y’all soon




Yesterday was a very relaxing day!!! Did’nt do much!!! Chilled a bit, cooked a bit n read abit!!

My cousins came over,  in the evening…n tht was fun!!! I shd say…Young Cousins!!! Fantastic boys!!!! Always up with a joke and kept us all in splits for a couple of hours!!!

Today…going out for a mini shopping with my lil one….who is 19!!! Whtever the age, she still is my lil one!! So, doing the last minute shopping b4 she leaves for OZ!!! The next 2-3 days will just fly off so fast!!! And thn…it’s gonna be eeriely quiet here for a few days!!! I guess all moms will know wht I’m talking abt!!!

Anyway, have a fantastic day/weekend friends!!




Tht was a lovely weekend. Long drive to Al Ain and back…2 hrs to go there!!! Pleasant drive!! Enjoyed the greenery!!! And then saw a cute lil baby gal!! Touchwood!!! Just 4 days old!! Met a few friends n came back!!!

The downside???? Got caught for speeding!!! hahaha!!!

Anyway, came back home n made mutton curry n methi aloo!! I don’t fancy take aways anymore!!! So, just cooked, eventho’ I was really tired!!

Hope y’all had a wonderful weekend too!!! And for those who r on the other side of the globe…hope u’all will have a fantastic weekend!!! have fun n stay safe!!!




So, all r back to work…n it finally feels great to have the whole house to myself!!! Now I can do my work at my own pace!!! No speed breakers!! hahaha

Going out for “coffee” today!!! I wait for such days…I can really relax n just jabber away like no tomorrow!!!

Mid November and still its not cold yet here!!! Thankfully…it’s pleasant enough to go out!!! Picnic time!!! Will try something tomorrow!!!

Saw a “fiery non alcoholic beer” yesterday. Bought it and tried out something new with beef!!! It was awesome!!! Will put it up soon!!!

So……….take care ppl. See u whn I see u!!




Eid hols have started and I donno wht to do actually!!! I avoid supermarkets n places like tht, coz I am not a “crowd” person!!!! I avoid crowds!!! And if it’s a public holiday…u see only crowds everywhere!! So, I’m stuck!!!

Maybe I’ll try some desserts today. Am not too much into desserts n baking. Not tht I cannot…just tht we r not sweet eaters. So, I don’t have to make them at all! Now, I can’t give tht excuse…can I?? So, let’s see wht I can do today!!!

So, to all my friends out there..EID MUBARRAK!!!! Have loads of fun..but be safe!!!





My gals reached home at midnight!!! And one of them just left again…back to India!! So, I was up with them the whole night, listening to their experiences in Europe and watching my gal pack!!! Now, I feel like a zombie……lack of sleep!!!

Went for the movie..DUE DATE!!! Lousy!!! Thn window shopped abit!! Tht’s safer than emptying ur wallet..right??? But, had a lovely time with my friend n her boys!!! Such nice guys!!!

Now, I’m beginning to look like a zombie too. Better go before I start writing like one!!

Have a nice day folks!!!




Going out for a movie with my friend and her boys!!!! It’s a Robert Downey Jr movie. I am a fan….n I hope this movie is good!! The last few movies I saw were not so good!!!

My gals r gonna be back tonight!!! And it’s gonna be a riot from the second they walk into tht front door!!! Ye friends…we r a noisy bunch!!! Holy Guacamole!!!! Tht reminds me!! I have to cook something spl for them!! Ok..now I got work to do.

So, take care n stay safe friends!! See u whn I see u!!




Am putting up Mutton Biriyani recipe, on request!!! It’s another simple recipe…cooked in 3 parts!! Once u get a hang of it, it will be like a piece of cake!!! Just read thru’ the recipe a couple of times n u will see how simple it is!!! By the way…my biriyani is a no fuss kind….I don’t put cashew nuts or raisins or ghee!! I prefer it simple!!!

On to other stuff…the rains ditched us yesterday!!! But I still had my cappuccino!! :)

Went to Ikea with my gud friend and actually shopped!!! Bought a few crockery and thn had to struggle to find a place to squeeze them in!!! Story of my life!! I just can’t take my eyes off crockery and cutlery and anything else tht will brighten up my kitchen n home!!!

So, until the next time…cheers!!!


Cloudy day today. It did drizzle a couple of days ago. In my side of the world, rain is something we don’t see much!! Eagerly waiting for the clouds to just open up!! The smell of the earth when it rains……heaven!! Makes u wanna have a piping hot cappuccino n some spicy snack!! Anyone out there who thinks like me??
Have a nice day friends!!


Made an interesting spicy crab preparation!! Served it, n waited for the comments!! For a while, there was only silence!! Thn came….it’s spicy!! Thn…crack,crack, crunch, crunch…..ooohhhh it’s really spicy!! Well…duh!! I called it spicy crab for a reason u know!! Anyway….more crunch, crunch n munch, munch later….I heard those magic words….IT’S GUD!!!!! Yippppeeeee!! Mission accomplished!!
Yes folks!! Positive reaction helps alot!!
So, until the next time…..eat well n stay healthy!!



Yay!! I survived shopping yesterday!!! Maybe I shd do more shopping from now on…coz shopping tires me out more than a workout!!! hahaha!! But….I guess my wallet will lose weight faster than me!!!

Today- just relaxing!!! Have to decide wht to cook!!!



It’s shopping day today!!! And guess wht?? I am not very gud at tht!!! My friends find it very hard to believe tht I am not too fond of shopping!!! The funniest part is…2 of my daughters r shopaholics n 1 is a Fashion Designer!!! How in the world did this happen???Anything tht has got nothing to do with the kitchen..I am not interested!!!

Anyway, I’m off now, with a friend. U guys take care n be safe!!



Am up very very early…to pack 2 of the brats off to their European tour!!!! There will be some peace n quiet at home…but I donno if tht’s wht I want!!:P



I would like to thank Poo & PD for pushing me into this…also Sudipto & my daughter Cynthia for following it through & being very patient with me…

A special thanks to Mr. Shahzad Ali for his help & for patiently putting up with our stupid questions & giving us this new look… :)



Happy Diwali to my dear friends! Have a wonderful and prosperous and peaceful year!